Badass Bitch Bar Necklace


For all the Badass Bitches You Know, including yourself!


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About this Item

This necklace is made of stainless steel! This is a fucking fantastic material because not only will it not tarnish…ever, it is hypoallergenic! Great for anyone with sensitivities to certain metals like nickel!

You choose the chain length you would like! take a look at the size chart to help you decide.

You can personalize the back side! Add a name, date, cute short phrase! Anything you want to make this extra special.

This comes complete in a Pretty Inappropriate Gift Box tied with a lovely purple ribbon! The Necklace is secured on a purple card for that extra special touch.

Want to include a condom in this gift for extra shits and giggles? You can do that too! Your condom will come stuck to the inside of the gift lid and you choose the sticker you would like stuck to the front of the condom! Freaking Fantastic!

And because I go the extra mile for all of my products, ALL of my jump rings used in jewelry making are welded closed. This really increases the durability!

Check out my line of greeting cards to make this a complete gift!

And of course every one of our products is backed by a pleasure promise guarantee!

Gift Box

Each gift item comes with a Pretty Inappropriate gift box (excluding greeting cards).