Custom Handcuffs


So many fun ways you can customize these!


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About this Item

These fun handcuffs are a perfect way to add a little spice in the bedroom!

They can be personalized with anything! Names, dates, words (or safe words!), or short phrases! You decide!

You can personalize one cuff, or choose to personalize both cuffs! (Pictured is Fuck Me, which is one cuff, the other cuff is blank).

Or you can just purchase the handcuffs with no personalization!

Comes complete in a sexy velvet purple pouch for easy storage and perfect for gift giving!

They come with a key, but also have an easy release button for safety.

You can choose to add a condom (YES a condom!) to your gift! This will be added to the purple pouch for a little extra surprise! But including a condom just isn’t wild enough for us, so you get to pick a sticker with a wild phrase we will place on the condom wrapper to guarantee that extra laugh!

Please message me with any questions!

Gift Box

Each gift item comes with a Pretty Inappropriate gift box (excluding greeting cards).