Sober As Fuck Keychain


This makes such fantastic gift for your sober friend! Include the date they decided to get sober as fuck and encourage them to wear their keychain proudly! Every day matters and they are doing fucking fantastic!


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About this Item

This keychain is made of maple plywood and includes stainless steel split rings. AND it comes complete in a pretty inappropriate gift box tied with a purple ribbon.

You can also choose to make this completely custom by personalizing the back side! You can add a name, date, or even a cute little phrase you and your loved one share. Anything goes for this!

But wait! There’s more! Would you like to add a tassel to your keychain for a pop of color? You can do that! Just pick your color!

And if that wasn’t enough! You can choose to add a condom (YES a condom!) to your gift! This will be stuck to the inside of the lid as an extra little surprise! But including a condom just isn’t wild enough for us, so you get to pick a sticker with a wild phrase we will place on the condom wrapper to guarantee that extra laugh!

Want to make this a complete gift? Browse our selection of greeting cards too! They range from pretty inappropriate to I can’t believe you put THAT on a card!

And of course each and every purchase is backed with our pleasure promise guarantee! Your pleasure is our purpose!

Gift Box

Each gift item comes with a Pretty Inappropriate gift box (excluding greeting cards).