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Nov 10
January 15, 2021

So here is the thing…I have been thinking about doing a blog about all things pretty inappropriate for several months now. I have talked myself out of it, back into it, out of it, and so on for just as long. I have tried to write blogs posts similar to what you would find in a cosmopolitan magazine. But that just isn’t me. So here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to be myself. Write about topics that hopefully you all can relate to, get a laugh out of, or maybe occasionally inspire you. Really I don’t know what this blog will look like. And I am OK with that. I hope you follow me on this crazy journey. I never thought I would write a blog….let alone a blog about Pretty Inappropriate things. But the universe apparently has a sense of humor and here I am.

Here it goes….

Now, for anyone that doesn’t know this, I actually have my items on Esty as well as this website. I sell a lot of pleasure tokens on there! To date when I was writing this I have 54 options of pleasure tokens to choose from. Yes 54! And do you know how I came up with all of those? I didn’t! My customers did! I would get some crazy requests  so I went with it & decided to add each one to my collection.


I started  selling tokens with about 10 or 15 of your more common choices (think Blow Job, Birthday Sex, Naked Massage, Morning Sex…pretty tame by inappropriate standards). And then come in these requests: Can you make one that says “Come deep inside me”…..Yep! Can you make one that says “Lick me than fuck me”…Yes! Can you make one that says “Stroke my cock” ….you bet! Can you make one that says “Finger my ass”….ummm……sure.

“Can you make one that says “Finger my ass”….ummm……sure.”

Now I have taken all of this as a learning experience.  I now know that people are fucking KINKY in the bedroom! Will they admit it to their friends? Probably not. But I know….I know you are all fucking wild with your partner! And guess what? I love it! I love that you can all be yourself, have fun with your partner, and enjoy sex! I hope I keep getting more raunchy requests that I may not have thought to make! Cause guess what, that person that requested the first one, is not the only one that has wanted it! They ALL sell! So go on, get wild, have fun! And be PRETTY INAPPROPRIATE. Your secret is safe with me!!!

In case you are wondering….my top selling tokens include

Anything goes

Blow Job

Anal Sex

Cum on my face

Let’s Fuck

Tie me up

Morning Sex

Naked massage

Anywhere anytime


Do any of those surprise you? They surprised me!

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